Corsa Exhaust

About Corsa Exhaust

Corsa Performance is famous for their Corsa Exhaust and Corsa Air Intake Systems. They were established in 1989 in Berea, Ohio. Their goal has been to provide the best automotive experience to passionate drivers. With their team of home-grown staff and 30 years of experience in the industry, Corsa offers cutting edge products to the automotive admirer by using advanced technologies and strategies.

In 1998, Corse broke into the performance exhaust arena by introducing their revolutionary reflective sound cancellation technology (RSC). This breakthrough technology gave Corsa the ability to carefully find and eliminate common frequencies that cause drone, and (at the same time) give you a custom tuned note for your exhaust. Corsa Performance is a company dedicated to the science of sound and is now recognized worldwide for their exhaust systems ability to eliminate drone. Their product is the caliber for all exhaust systems to be measured by.

In 2012, Corsa Performance took the leap into the air intake market with the introduction of their Corsa exhaust systems. Due to their extensive research and knowledge of airflow from a decade earlier, Corsa pioneered a straight-through airflow design that increased performance gains significantly.

Applying the same technology to their intakes, Corsa Performance has created a free-flowing airflow with their direct path air intakes. With the relationships they have garnered, Corsa has formed an exclusive partnership with Donaldson Filtration Solutions helping them offer a wide range of different air intake products. Corsa Performance continues to strive for optimal quality and service and continue to lead the industry in the exhaust system and air intake markets.

Experience and things to know:

  • Corsa Performance has been in the exhaust industry with 2 decades of experience.
  • They offer customized exhaust systems to eliminate drone for your specific vehicle.
  • Every Corsa exhaust system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Corsa exhaust systems lead the industry in technological advances by increasing airflow, eliminating drone, and finding the desired exhaust note.
  • A CARB EO sticker is required in the state of California for certain exhausts.
  • With power channel technology, airflow is streamlined to increase throttle response and eliminate concerns over calibration.
  • Installation of an air intake is made simple with a straightforward bolt-on action.

Corsa Performance Products

With their two decades of experience, Corsa Performance ensures that their quality of product is second to none. There are several indicators that prove Corsa is a worldwide leader in both the exhaust and air intake industry. Corsa has cultivated a skilled team over the last 20 years and paired them with the best high-quality materials and design. Made with a heavy-gauge premium- grade stainless steel material, Corsa is interested in using materials that will last.

Here are some of the reasons why Corsa would be a great choice when shopping for an exhaust or air intake.

Every Corsa exhaust system is made with solid stainless-steel hangers that have been bent by a CNC machine for the purpose of long-lasting durability. Each exhaust acquires its precise bends and angles by using CNC machined cases. When looking at exhausts the aesthetic appeal is high, that’s why Corsa uses precision welding with MIG and TIG which are both used for heavy materials. They also use robotic welding as needed. In order to increase airflow, Corsa uses CNC mandrel bent tubing for the smoothest bends that will maximize the airflow.

Corsa Performance is leading the industry in innovation with their exhausts and air intakes making them a great brand to use on your vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at their products.

Corsa Exhaust systems:

Every Corsa exhaust system is made with their RSC technology, giving you the aggressive sound as well as high performance. The two main factors of a Corsa exhaust are
the ability to eliminate drone from frequencies that will cause interior cabin resonance and give you the custom note for your exhaust that you want.

Exhausts are obviously different for different makes and models. Whether you’re looking for an exhaust system for your Ford, Jeep, Dodge, etc. Corsa has an option that is custom built for your ride to ensure a smoother and more efficient performance. Every vehicle requires their own exhaust system, so not just any exhaust will be able to fit your vehicle. Depending on your ride you may need a dual exhaust system, a single exhaust system, an axle-back, or a cat back. No matter which exhaust you need, Corsa Performance has options for you.

We’ll now look at the types of exhausts and how they function when it comes to the performance of your vehicle.

Single Exhaust Systems & Dual Exhaust Systems:

Although the look of dual exhaust system might be enticing to you, your vehicle may not allow for that. For example, if you are looking for a custom built Corsa Exhaust for your Tundra or F150 a dual system will not fit your vehicle as there is only 1 exhaust manifold present. If you’re looking for your Challenger or Mustang, a dual exhaust is required. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle will determine what is needed. However, it’s not just as simple as buying a single or dual exhaust system. You may need an axle-back or cat back system. Read on to learn which you would need.

Axle-back Exhaust System:

The purpose of this system is to replace all the components of your exhaust from the rear-axle back. The main two things that will be replaced are your muffler and your exhaust tips. With the installation of this system, you will not be improving your performance as much as a cat-back system. An axle-back is mainly involved with the exhaust note you desire. There are different notes that are offered with different axle-back systems. For a great note, slightly improved performance gains, and a simpler process, an axle-back is a great choice to achieve that aggressive sound.

Cat-Back Exhaust System:

Unlike the axle-back, a cat-back system replaces all the components of the exhaust from the catalytic converter back. This means that upon installation of this system you will replace your tail pipe, muffler, and exhaust tips. Also included with this kit is a wider mandrel-bent tailpipe. With the wider tailpipe this will be your best option for increased performance gains while still improving your sound. Keep in mind that these systems are custom built with the RSC technology which eliminate your drone and improves your exhaust note at the same time. You will experience a 10-20% gain in horsepower and torque once the cat-back is installed.

When it comes to your vehicle make sure you know what you’re looking for. If performance gains are the goal, a cat back system should be your go to choose. If you’re simply looking for an excellent note to turn heads, consider the axle-back for your vehicle.

Air Intakes:

Just as Corsa Performance is dedicated to providing the best product for their Corsa exhaust systems, they are equally as competitive with their cold air intakes. Their intakes feature several components that make them very desirable for the automotive enthusiast.

Their intakes are easy to install with a simple bolt on technology that can be complete in 60 minutes or less. Their premium silicone will ensure that you’ll have air-tight connections that won’t dry out, while also using the same mandrel bends as their exhausts to streamline airflow for huge performance gains. They also make custom heat shields which will fit your specific vehicle. By using a Corsa cold air intake you will not only have an improved and streamlined airflow, you’ll also be able to enjoy enhanced performance due to the increase in volume and velocity of air flow.

Let’s look at the different air Intake kits Corsa supplies.

Apex Metal Air intake Kits:

Apex metal air intakes have most of the features mentioned above. They also use silicone connections and metal air ducts to increase airflow and ensure that your connections stay tight through the duration of life of your intake. One of the main features with this system is their high-density engine seal. This technology is a foam seal on the engine hood which reduces the air temperature in order to increase power gains. They also include oversized filters that improve the airflow because they allow a higher volume and velocity of air to flow through the filter. If you’re looking for a system to reduce temperatures, increase air flow volume, and have increased power gains, this system is a top choice.

Closed Box Air Intake Kits:

Another great option offered by Corsa Performance is the closed box air intake kit. You’ll get great gains when using the Apex Metal intake; however, for even more gains and performance at new levels you should consider the closed box option. This kit offers a larger air duct with very large diameters. They are made with transitions that are smoother than most other intakes and unique bends that allow your engine to enjoy enhanced breathing capabilities. You will see immediate horsepower gains after installation.

Unlike the silicone used by the apex intake for their connections, the closed box uses a marine grade stainless steel clamp. This will allow for a lasting and secure connection while resisting corrosion at the same time. This kit does use premium grade silicone to improve the strength and flexibility of the intake while also preventing drying and cracking. Finally, in order to increase horsepower, the filter box is specifically designed for your application and is engineered to decrease hot air from getting into the engine itself.

Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intakes:

With the first two options you will enjoy increased horsepower, streamlined airflow, and industry leading materials for the highest quality intake on the market. If you are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing intake, a carbon fiber kit may be your best option.

Corsa uses an elite carbon fiber that is an aero-space grade. This material is durable and used for its light weight and incredible strength. A thermal barrier is also integrated into the material to reduce the air temperatures that are passed through the intake. Also included in this kit is Corsa’s power channel technology. The power channel increases airflow directly from the filter to the throttle body. Because of the streamlined nature of Corsa’s intakes, this technology will increase throttle response while simultaneously eliminating calibration concerns.

Corsa Performance is dedicated to the quality of their products. With their team of highly trained professionals and drive to achieve the perfect systems for your vehicle, there isn’t a better place to shop for your air intakes and exhaust systems. When comparing your stock items, Corsa’s systems offer less restrictive airflow, performance gains in horsepower, throttle, and torque, and have industry leading quality. Every air intake is designed to work hand in hand with the exhaust options. When pairing both the Corsa air intakes and the Corsa exhaust systems you will be able to maximize your vehicles efficiency and power.

If you are an automotive enthusiast wanted aggressive sounds and maximum power and efficiency, you should highly consider pairing a Corsa cold air intake and Corsa exhaust system to enjoy up to 21% more horsepower, 30% more torque, and have cooler temperatures under the hood.

Corsa also offers many other types of products for your vehicle. These include their pro series parts which have been designed specifically for classic muscle cars, muffler accessories, oil catch cans, catalytic converters, and corvette C8 headers. After the purchase of your Corsa intake kits and Corsa exhaust systems, you will be able to find even more value by customizing your mufflers, exhaust resonator, and other accessories.

Corsa is committed to providing the best systems on the market. By taking care of their customers, partners, and employees they are able to deliver the best products to individuals who are passionate about driving. Corsa stands behind their company values and will provide world-class customer service to anyone who is in need of customized improvement of their vehicle.