S&B Silicone Body Mount Kit for 1980-1996 Ford F-Series & 1997 Super Duty 81-1008

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Product Description

Stock body mounts deteriorate over time. S&B Body Mounts are made from premium silicone, so they won’t deteriorate. S&B engineered their Silicone Body Mounts from the ground up, perfecting every detail so you get a premium lifetime product. Silicone resists heat and ozone and will last the lifetime of your truck. New steel caps come standard and are specially coated to prevent rust build up. The bushings offer great vibration isolation and will not crack or breakdown like the OEM foam or rubber bushings. This kit also comes with corrosion resistant coated steel cups and bolts. The cap bushings have a distinct boss feature that matches the slot on the mounting tabs. They are designed to key into the frame tab and give it an OEM fit.

Key Features

  • OEM Fit & Finish
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made from Premium Silicone Rubber
  • Corrosion resistant coated steel cups and bolts
  • Helps Isolate Road Vibrations
  • Restores Body Line Alignment
  • Includes 6 Body Mounts and 6 OEM Bolts
  • Body Mount Removal Tool Included

The S&B OBS Body Mount Removal Tools allow you to easily remove your original mounts. These mounts are a press fit from the factory and we designed pullers for each row to make your install seamless. . You will save money now and in the long run, as S&B Body Mounts are less expensive than stock and won’t deteriorate over time. Choosing stock body mounts will cost you hundreds more and will likely need to be replaced again. Say goodbye to clanking when you go over bumps. Replacing your old deteriorated broken down body mounts, with S&B Silicone Body Mounts, results in a much smoother ride. Choosing a cheap urethane body mount will result in constant vibration and ride harshness.

All S&B Silicone Body Mount kits include new OEM bolts. Your family will be safer. Ford instructs dealers to only use new bolts once old body mounts are removed. The reality is that most dealers just reuse the same bolts to save you money, which could cause the cab and frame to separate. All S&B Body Mount kits come with OEM designed bolts, so the dealer has no reason to reuse the old bolts.